Over-sized Soft Loaf (White Bread)

I went through a phase of baking bread almost 4 years ago, and have since been able to make bread pretty much from scratch with no recipe by eyeballing the right textures.  That being… Continue reading

After the broad street run…

Well, 10 miles is probably the longest I’ll make my body endure…or maybe a half marathon? We’ll see I guess

Vegan Veggie Lunch (Spinach and Mushrooms)

I go through phases where I pretty much become a vegetarian when I cook at home, but eat meat when I go out.   Since I live in Philly, good food is reasonably… Continue reading

Spring has finally arrived….

Pretty blossoms

Happy Earth Day :)

In honor of Earth Day I’d like to share 5 tips/projects I do.  Not only are they frugal, but they also happen to be green 🙂 1) Homemade Natural Cleaners (I’ve made the All purpose… Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Naan

I made this a few months ago when I was really craving some bread.  I’ve adapted my version from this recipe on halfbakedharvest.com.  As you can see I only made a few minor… Continue reading

I love beets


APT Hunting 101

I recently did thorough searching on a new apt and let me tell you…it suuuucked.  I even started 2 months early because best places get snatched up in less than a day!  My… Continue reading

BBQ Saturday Yummies

My boyfriend and a few friends hit up some delicious bbq in Northern Liberties on Sat. Nom 🙂  

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) – FAIL

UPDATE: So I thought it was going well…for the first few weeks.  Then I noticed what a lot of others were experiencing.  I actually started to get clusters of acne along my hair… Continue reading