New Posts After 2 Year Hibernation….COMING SOON!

After another long hiatus I’ve decided to add another post…I seem to be developing a pattern here. Looks like 2 year gap instead of 4 so that’s an improvement right??? ANYWAY, I could go on making excuses why but the real reason for the gap was work/is got so busy, the last thing I wanted to do was sit here and write/take pics/edit…and I had a lot of TV shows to occupy my time with šŸ™‚

So…I had people over last wknd and everyone was asking me questions like; how do you make kombucha? How do I grow so many plants without killing them? You made flavored vodka? And wait what?!…These glasses used to be CANDLES?! How did you actually get the wax out?! At this point I been wishing I already added this blog. Such good questions these folks ask. Then finally my friends boyfriend was like hey you should start a blog you have such cool tips and I always ask you for advice. Of course I was like well yeah…I have one. So here I am again, I guess that was the motivation I needed to get back on the wagon. So stay tuned!!