Got a second bloom from my whole foods orchid :)

The secret to a happy orchid? 

Do a water soak for 15 mins every 2 weeks.  Don’t over water.

Use orchid fertilizer. Once a month in winter/Fall.  Every two weeks Spring/Summer.

Place in sunny window that gets indirect light.  This happens to be a West facing window.

Don’t move right before bloom (This can lead to a bud blast-aka all the buds die before blooming or existing blooms only last a day or so.  (This actually happened to me but luckily it was only one stem)

Don’t put your Orchid direct sunlight outside or else they get sunburnt.  (I made that mistake by just putting my orchid on the porch, just on the outside of this window). There wasn’t enough shade and too much sun. I quickly brought my orchid back inside after I noticed the burn and my little friend is doing A-Ok.

Prune after the last bloom.  This helps stimulate new growth.   You can prune at the base or just under a browning stem.

Be patient.  Orchids don’t bloom as often as other plants.  When they do bloom, they should last months with proper care.

I definitely made a few mistakes along the way but with some fine tuning and learning there is hope of saving an orchid you thought may be dead.   If you have any input or more questions, don’t hesitate to comment!