Free Yoga!

Have some of you thought about doing yoga but get discouraged by the cost or the feeling of being judged?  I know how you feel and there is a wonderful alternative!  I used to yoga Tues and Thurs at my job in Milwaukee, but since going remote it was not very convenient to skype into yoga.  Mostly, it was because the teacher wasn’t challenging enough for me and I wanted more variety.  I did a quick google search and stumbled upon yoga you tube videos by Ali Kamenova.  She has videos for all different levels and sometimes you can catch her cute Pooch Sofie trying to steal the show.  The best part is…IT’S TOTALLY FREE.  I’ve been hooked ever since and probably watch her videos 3-4 times a week.  I occasionally go to a yoga hour class in center city that is only 7 bucks but I typically enjoy doing Ali’s videos right at home.  Give her a try 🙂