Happy Earth Day :)

In honor of Earth Day I’d like to share 5 tips/projects I do.  Not only are they frugal, but they also happen to be green 🙂

1) Homemade Natural Cleaners (I’ve made the All purpose and dusting spray.  I bought a variety pack of essential oils off amazon – I got the floral pack)


I loved this cleaner, but its too expensive.  So I just re-used the bottle filled it with the “all-purpose cleaner”

2) Recycled Cardboard Kitty Scratcher (Had this scratcher going on 5 years now and the kitties still love it!)


3) Recycled Jars


We eat lots of peanut butter….


Just a little fact:  First time using a recycled jar was when used to hide alcohol in them…

4) Re-purposed serving bowl as a flower pot


5) Go dumpster diving! (Founds these two pieces in the sidewalk garbage pile)

Free Find #1


All done up (Don’t mind the mis-matching dark wood sitting on top the “desk”.  We just didn’t have anywhere to put it….

This desk is actually one of those old school types, where you can lift the top up 🙂


A little rustic character

Free find #2


This used to be brick red.  I painted it simple primer and paint, the distressed it a bit with some sandpaper