Vintage Box

inside box

Spring cleaning at work = free vintage LED box for me 🙂

I love free stuff.  Especially cool unique old items that take a little bit of extra effort to make them whole again.  As you can imagine…I didn’t really have a need for an LED Meter at home, so I decided to disassemble use it as a decorative box.

As you can see…it needed some work.  There was some protective foam glued to the box which proved to be quite a pain in the ass to remove.  I ended having to use an old key card and a knife to scrape clean.  It was really easy to remove the assembly since it was only attached with 4 screws.

 (So fresh and so clean clean)

vintage box and plant

Finished Goods

This ended up fitting quite nicely atop the armoire in our living room and hiding our unsightly router!