Garlicky Breakfast Kale and Eggs

I basically had nothing left in my fridge so I scrounged up something taste and healthy.  Working from home makes it pretty easy to eat right.  I take lots of”food breaks” in between writing databases, so I pretty much HAVE to stock healthy items.  I whipped this up in five minutes.

Kale n Eggs

Kale n Eggs

Garlicky Kale n Eggs

1/2 cup of steamed rice (I had some left over from the night before)

2-3 large kale leaves chopped

2 cloves of garlic smashed/or chopped

1 tsp oil of choice (I used olive)

1 tsp butter for the eggs

2 eggs

Heat up a pan large enough to cook the kale.  Once heated through add oil to the hot pan with the garlic.  Cook for about a minute then add the chopped kale.  Cover and steam till kale is tender.   Scramble the eggs and serve with warm rice 🙂  Yummy yummy in my tummy and it’s healthy!


The plain steamed can be made garlic style or fried