Hello blog..it’s only been a few months shy of 4 years….

I’ve decided to make a comeback to the world blogging.  My recent pinterest obsession has been to blame for the sudden change of heart.  I’ve told myself countless times I’m going to write a book about my journey of following love from my hometown of the Pacific Northwest to Montana, the Midwest and now the East Coast.  However, it might be best to ease into the writing scene.  With this, I will make a vow to blog at least one post a week.  But lets be real, once a month is a far more attainable goal at this point.  To keep the audience interested, you can expect to hear advice on being a frugal bitch (of course), dating a med student (now resident), animals, maybe some excel tech tips and my bargain shopping finds.  Hope that got you hooked for now…until next time.