Free Texting

Okay…this one is for you Maggie.  A lot of my friends have been wondering how I get away with only paying $50 a month on my phone bill.  There are actually two secrets to this method.  First I’m on a family plan with contributes to the bulk of my bill savings.  Secondly. I don’t pay more than 5 bucks a month for text messaging.  The only reason I even pay that amount is because  AT&T rips you off by charging your for incoming and outgoing messages.  For this reason I pay the minimal amount and can text up to 250 incoming and outgoing.  For this reason I researched alternate methods for free text messaging.  I actually found this trick back in my high school days when I got my first cell phone.  I googled a method that allowed me to text my friends from my email directly to their phone. This way I didn’t have to pay extra for texts when I had access to a computer.

Since I have an iPhone and have regular access my email, I found a way to text for free through my email!  It sends a text message directly to the recipient and allows them to reply directly back to my email…all at no cost to me of course.  You wonder how this works?  I’ve copied a link for you to access the different “email text codes” for a variety of providers…include international networks.  Enjoy!